Reader Reviews of “Autumn’s Quest”

Joli A

This is a story that takes the reader into a delightful world of fairies, and the realm they protect and live in.

Princess Autumn is a peaceful tree healer. Compassionate and kind, she must find and defeat evil. Can she be a peaceful warrior?

Autumn has to learn skills to standup for herself and her position as future Queen of the fairy realm. She also is a princess with an attitude; and that may take more time to change.

Lance, an orphaned warrior, and a handful of forest creatures, go forward with her into the unknown where even a gopher hole can be life threatening and shape-shifters lurk everywhere to wreak havoc.

This book has other themes, but to me it is about friendship, family and courage. The forest animals and the hidden ways of the fairy realm, are lovingly created by the author.


A rollicking plot with a plucky heroine.

Susan B 

I liked the book. Autumn is called upon to become a warrior to save her grandmother. She is aided in her quest by loyal forest friends. The characters are sweet and feisty.

Penny C.

What a wonderful adventure story!

Autumn is a special healer fairy that learns how to become a warrior. I look forward to more of Autumn’s adventures.

M. K.

Fun read with empowering message.

Great fun! Got for my granddaughters but totally enjoyed story and characters. Autumn is a noble little fairy with potential for greatness. Hope there are more adventures of her for our sake.