It’s lots of fun and it isn’t difficult to make your own fairy garden. All it takes is a little time, a little dirt, and lots of imagination.

You begin by choosing a container. This can be anything you want, from a traditional flower pot you buy at your local garden store, to an old cooking pot. Just don’t forget to drill a hole in the bottom so water can drain out. I have fairy gardens in everything from flower pots to a colander, and an old tool box.

Put some rocks in the bottom to help with drainage, then add potting soil or just plain dirt. If you wish, you can put moss or wood chips on top. You can buy any or all of these materials at a garden store.

Next choose your plants. The number will depend on the size of your pot, but don’t forget to leave room for a fairy or two. You can also add furniture, or a fairy house, other tiny creatures, even a gnome. This is your garden, and you can put anything you want in it.

As you plan your garden, just remember that fairies live in harmony with nature. They build their furniture and houses from stones or twigs and tiny branches they find on the ground. They aren’t big on things made from plastic since it isn’t really known in the fairy realm, but metal is ok.

Terra cotta pot
add rocks
add potting soil
add moss and plants
add a fairy