Make Your Own Fairy Furniture

The Fairy Realm lives in harmony with nature. Everything from houses to furniture, tools and clothing come from the natural world. Fairies find the materials they want by foraging in their gardens, in parks, in the woods, wherever they find flowers and trees. They forage for twigs, leaves, branches, stones, shells, flowers, whatever they need that is already available on the ground. You can do the same. Just remember that WHENEVER YOU FORAGE IN A PLACE THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU – SUCH AS A NEIGHBOR’S YARD – ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION FIRST.

First you decide what you want to add to your garden. Next you make a list of the materials you will need. Then it is time to visit a craft store, a nursery, or go foraging. Once you have your materials, you can weave twigs together, use glue, paint, whatever it takes to create your project. Just turn on your imagination and go for it.